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How to Increase Willpower in the Heat of the Moment

Today I want to give you a simple tool that you can use in the heat of the moment to increase your willpower.  Willpower just means doing what you want to do. 

How to increase willpower in the heat of the moment

Think about the last time you knew you should do something and perhaps you even WANTED to do it.  BUT there was that little voice inside your head that talked you out of it.  It may go something like this:

I know I should mow the grass.  If I don’t do it now it’s going to get too dark. 

But it’s so hot outside and besides, I can do it tomorrow. 

Can you relate? Here’s what that looks like with food. 

I should order the grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fruit and get unsweet tea to drink.

But the hot dog and fries combo is on sale.  And I deserve to get what I want just once, don’t I?

Next time you find yourself in this quandry, pause and use a tool I call Play it Forward.

Think about giving in and NOT doing what you want to do and know you should do.  In other words, eating the hot dog and French fries. 

Next, ask two questions:

If I eat the hot dog and fries, how will it make me feel physically?

How will it make me feel mentally?

You’ll easily be able to answer these questions because you’ve given in countless times before.  Giving in over and over is why you think you have no willpower. 

Answer:  Eating the hot dog and fries will make me feel very full, perhaps a little uncomfortable in my stomach. 

Mentally:  It will make me feel weak.  Like I have no willpower or discipline.  It makes me feel bad about myself.  It will make me feel ashamed.    

Now ask yourself how you will feel if you eat the grilled chicken sandwich and fruit. 

Physically:  Good.  Satisfied. 

Mentally:  Maybe a little cheated – like I missed out BUT I will feel like I made a good choice and I will prove to myself that I can do without the bad food when I want to. 

After mindfully considering the outcome of the two choices, which one is the best choice for you?

I use Play It Forward all the time! The last time was when I didn’t want to spend my afternoon taking down my Christmas decorations.  It takes hours. It’s not fun.  I’d rather watch more episodes of The Crown.  I tell myself that the decorations aren’t going anywhere.  What difference does it make if they stay up another few days?  While this is technically true, I know that I will have anxiety over leaving them up too long.  It’s not worth it.  So I spent my Sunday afternoon in a way that come Monday, I was glad. 

Intrigued?? Want to see another example of how I use Play It Forward in a workout? 

We all struggle to workout sometimes, right?  Click on my latest video and check it out.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions! Need more strategies for dealing with temptation? Check out this post!

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How to Increase Willpower in the Heat of the Moment Sherri Clarke Nutrition

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