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My Transformational Programs To Create A Happier, Healthier Relationship With Food

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Feelings & Fries

30-day online program with weekly zoom calls hosted by Sherri so you can work with me. Food and your feelings can easily become intertwined. Learn how to stop destructive behavior that keeps you from living your best life.

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Willpower & Weight Loss

My most comprehensive program conveniently available virtually12 weeks of nutrition, exercise and behavior modification. Lose weight, gain control and experience a life that is NOT focused on food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question! When you work with me, I teach you how to enjoy any food you choose in moderation and without guilt.  With that said, many participants find that their tastes and preferences change as they learn about how to best use food to fuel their bodies and not rely on food as a coping mechanism. 

I created online courses so that you can access the information 24/7 and listen when you can best devote your time and energy to the lessons. This also enables you to revisit any lesson you wish to repeat. 

Feelings and Fries is a 30 day course with 4 modules to watch per week along with a group zoom call. Modules vary in length but are usually 20-40 minutes. 

Willpower and Weight Loss is more intensive and spans 12 weeks. You get modules once a week and spend the next 7 days working through them at your own pace. Expect to spend 3-5 hours per week watching modules and completing the lessons. Don’t forget our one on one sessions.  Those last 30 minutes. 

Many people choose to repeat a week or take a week off due to their vacation or holiday schedule. This is not a problem because there is no time limit on your access to the course. 

No worries! You have lifetime access to the online course.  Some people complete the course and then re-visit it later just to have a refresher. 

Fact: 70% of my clients have health insurance that covers ALL or a portion of working with me.  To have me check your exact insurance coverage email me at  

If your insurance does not offer coverage for nutrition counseling we can discuss fees. Options start as low as $499.  I do take health savings cards. 

My clients understand that this is a lifestyle change and not a gimmicky “lose 30 lbs in 30 days” program. Results happen over time and involve progress, setbacks and a learning curve. Results are measured in ways you designate for yourself early in the program. They can include things like inches and pounds lost, control over your choices, more self-confidence, more energy and less obsessing about food. 

My experience has been participants get out of the programs what they choose to put in. For these reasons no results are guaranteed. 

I do my best to set up expectations before you purchase any programs so refund requests are rare. However, if you decide you want a refund:

Feelings and Fries – Full refund if request received in writing via email before the end of the 10th day from purchase.   After ten days – no refunds are given. 

Willpower and Weight Loss – Full refund if request received in writing via email before the end of the 13th day.  After 13 days – no refunds are given. 

You have lifetime access to the modules so you can take a break and return to them at any time. 




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