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4 Tips for Covid Weight Loss

4 Tips for Covid Weight Loss

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I’ve yet to meet someone whose life has not been impacted by Covid-19. Before I get to my tips for Covid weight loss, let’s name some of the emotions we have felt:







A flood of emotions accompanied this worldwide pandemic and life altering virus. 

I talk a lot about emotional intelligence and the need to have it.  Low levels of coping with the aforementioned emotions include:

Constant Complaining

Temper Tantrums

Punching a wall

Staying in your room all day watching TV

Getting drunk

And you guessed it…OVEREATING. 

Using food to cope with your emotions is my jam. It’s my jam because it’s exactly what I used to do. 

So if you find yourself barely fitting into your 2020 jeans and you are ready to do something about it, let me offer you some help. 

4 Tips for Covid Weight Loss

First, DON’T make the mistake of doing too much too fast and setting yourself up for the crash and burn.  Committing to a 30 day challenge where you eat only raw food sets you up for failure. Instead, take small steps in changing the behaviors that got you here.  What do I mean? Glad you asked.  

Tip 1 for Covid Weight Loss: Make a list of why you gained the weight.

What changed from pre-pandemic?  Here’s some examples to get you thinking.   

I stopped exercising when my gym closed and haven’t started back consistently

I am moving less – nowhere to go, sitting around all weekend and evenings

Cooking and Baking more because I am bored and tired of movies

Stress Eating over homeschooling and trying to work

Drinking more alcohol, especially through the week when I never used to drink

I’m staying up later than I used to so I find myself getting hungry/eating around 10:30 pm

Being at home all the time and food is all around. It’s like I think about it all the time now.

Now that you have your list, you are ready for Tip 2!

Tip 2 for Covid Weight Loss: Pick out 3 things you can do today that will result in you consuming LESS calories in a day OR burning more calories OR a combo of the two.  

Here’s some examples:

Start tracking my steps (I have a video for this if you want to walk to lose weight) Click here to watch it!

Take the dog on a long walk at lunch everyday

Limit my drinking to weekends

Stop getting takeout and delivery so often-cook at least 5 nights/week

Stop eating after 8 pm no matter how late you stay up

When tempted to eat and I’m bored, I’m going to do something productive like clean out my closet or research how to start my own herb garden. 

Learn more ideas about mindful eating and how to break out of the emotional eating cycle with this post.  

Tip 3 for Covid Weight Loss: Have you got your 3 action items?  Start TODAY. 

Give yourself a week and then add 1-3 more things every 7 days.  Before long you WILL see results without going on a crash diet, counting calories, buying crazy supplements or training for a marathon. 

Tip 4 for Covid Weight Loss: I recommend you set up some accountability. 

You can be accountable to yourself OR you can set up accountability with another person or group.  How can you be accountable to yourself? Glad you asked! 

Weekly weigh-ins are popular but if you don’t want to weigh on a scale then you can do measurements or try on a pair of pants weekly.  Are they getting looser?  This means progress!

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4 Tips for Covid Weight Loss Sherri Clarke Nutrition

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