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Emotional Eating

I help emotional eaters transform their relationship with food and lose weight.

  • Identify the emotions that trigger you to turn to food
  • Increase your emotional intelligence so food is no longer your coping mechanism
  • Done through online courses and group or individual coaching

This blog and my YouTube channel are full of helpful and healthful strategies to help you overcome the issues related to emotional eating such as:

  • unrealized childhood trauma
  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • self-sabotaging practices
  • triggers such as holidays or stressful events

Until we fix our relationship we food we cannot maintain a healthy weight and break the cycle of emotional eating.

As I said, I offer strategies for overcoming emotional eating with these articles on my blog and the content on my YouTube channel, as well as online courses to help you reach your goals.

When you work with me you can expect to:

  • Stop obsessing over food and see it for what it was meant to be – fuel for the body.
  • Start making consistent choices that you are proud of.
  • Stop getting your self-esteem from a number on a scale.
  • Stop self-sabotaging your efforts to exercise and eat healthy.
  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for a lifetime.

Where Emotional Eating Begins

Understanding where emotional eating begins There is a saying that kids are resilient.  I think that’s a load of crap.  Kids are fragile. Kids are impressionable – like sponges.  Kids are developing, learning, growing, testing out boundaries, and discovering.  The prefrontal cortex, where decisions are made, is still developing into our 20’s.  This is why […]

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Anxiety and Overeating

40 million people in the US are experiencing anxiety right now.  Are you one of them? Only 37% of those seek treatment for it like medication or talk therapy.  That leaves a lot of people to try to manage it on their own.    Those who suffer may Have insomnia Be moody and irritable Have an

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