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How To Figure Your Ideal Weight

How to figure your ideal weight Spring is just around the corner and unfortunately for some of us so is bathing suit season.  If you find yourself wanting to shed a few pounds before hitting the beach you have probably thought about how much you’d like to lose and figure

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Why You Overeat When You Are Sad

Today I answer a question from an IG follower named Terri:  When something happens and it makes me really sad, I find that I just don’t care what I eat.  I have a “screw it” mentality so I will eat junk food or whatever I want.  I’ll even think to

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Mindful Eating For Weight Loss

One thing I know from 20 plus years of counseling people who want to lose weight is that you have to look at each individual and find what works best for them.  If you are a mindless eater, meaning you don’t give a lot of thought to what and why

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Anxiety and Overeating

40 million people in the US are experiencing anxiety right now.  Are you one of them? Only 37% of those seek treatment for it like medication or talk therapy.  That leaves a lot of people to try to manage it on their own.    Those who suffer may Have insomnia Be

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