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I help emotional eaters transform their relationship with food and lose weight

Sherri Clarke Dietitian

Registered Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer

Sherri Clarke

Hi! I’m Sherri Clarke and my passion is helping women who struggle to control what they eat and feel good about their bodies.

Life is too short to be tortured by a potato chip. 

Except for me it was chocolate, cake, pie and cookies.  I used food to cope with the death of my father when I was a teenager.  Let’s just say nothing like Sherri Clarke Nutrition existed back then. 

It was YEARS before I even realized the connection between my grief and my eating habits.  I thought I was a little crazy.  I mean who says they desperately want to lose weight at the same time they are sneaking cookies into their bedroom?  I thought I was weak, undisciplined and just needed to try harder.    I beat myself up on a daily basis.  “Tomorrow,” I would tell myself, “will be the day I change.”

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How May I Help You?

I offer 3 programs designed to help you gain control over your eating, stop self-sabotaging and finally start living a life that is NOT focused on food. 

Woman working from home

5 Day Quick Start To End Emotional Eating

Start your journey today! You'll uncover why you emotionally eat and how you got to be so good at it. You'll start to look at food through a different lens and learn what it takes to change behavior.

Woman with burger Sherri Clarke Nutrition Feelings & Fries Course

Feelings & Fries

30 days to break free from emotional eating.
You'll continue your journey towards behavior change and food freedom.

Triumphant woman Sherri Clarke Nutrition Willpower & Weight Loss Course

Willpower & Weight Loss

Take your newfound skills, build on them and implement a meal plan designed for safe, sustained weight loss.

What My Happy Clients Have To Say...

Laura Tant

Sherri’s “be real” approach has given me the opportunity to take an honest look at “why I’m eating” instead of just what I’m eating!!  Great things happen when you make YOU your why!! 

This is your chance to be kind to yourself -take it!! Stop letting my mind bully my body!!”   Laura T


WWL program has changed my life! I’ve spent years trying any program guaranteed to help me lose weight. I would lose 20 to 40 pounds, only to gain 30 to 50 back. This program helped me get to the core of my relationship with food.  

WWL helped me understand that my thought process around food is what the problem was. I feel like I have control of my thought around food, control of my food choices and a better understanding of what my body needs. I can now manage my food choices while never feeling deprived of what I’m craving.”   Melissa W


Sherri is an amazing dietitian! She has taught me so much about nutrition and how to eat healthy foods on a daily basis. I have learned how to read nutrition labels and how to prepare healthy meals without spending large amounts of time in the kitchen. She has helped me realize my sabotaging thoughts (excuses) that I had had all my life about using food as an emotional crutch. She has taught me to reframe those thoughts into healthy ones that help me to see food as a way to nourish my body, not cope with my feelings.  The ability to watch the lessons online at my convenience has been key for me.  Wendy S

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